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Making Soap, Cosmetics & Candles

Making Soap Mag  #77
July/Aug 2016

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Packed full of help for those who would like to dip their toes into the selling pool or try new business models, your sure to find plenty of good ideas to try.

Topics this issue cover a multitude of selling ideas, from shipping, selling online, working with distributors and even selling at farmers markets. Also, we continue on with part 2 of our successful preservation of cosmetics and the world of surfactants.


HSCG Conference Review – An Attendee’s Perspective, By Debbie Lamb
The Distribution Game, By Krystal Dawn
HSCG Conference Review: A Vendor’s Perspective, By Amanda Gail
Anna Franca’s Soap Shells, By Marina Tadiello
Selling Online, By Suzanne Finley
Key Considerations for Successful Preservation of Cosmetic Products: Part Two, By Jane Barber
The World of Surfactants, By Chiara Lacchini
Selling up a Storm, By Melinda Coss
Candle shipping Do’s and Don’ts, by Kyli Wolfson
Successful Selling at Farmers Markets, By Jennifer Kleffner

36-pages, 7.3MB
Available in Print & PDF Formats.

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It is time once again for the Making Soap, Cosmetics & Candle’s (formerly Saponifier) popular Raves for Faves Survey. This is where we take the pulse of our industry to find out what you like to make, what products are trending and how business is for you. We value your participation and thank you for… Read More

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How to make the most of holiday sales The holidays are coming! Although It is solidly summer in my corner of the world–hot, humid weather, gardening, picnics, swimming, vacation, and flowers. The holidays seem so far off. I find it hard to think about red and green soap or even autumn scents, No matter where… Read More

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Far too often, I read, “This is a dumb question, but. . .” Why do we do this? Is it that the answer to the question is truly obvious or could be found with the least bit of research? Or is the person asking afraid they will be chastised by others? I don’t know, but… Read More

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Voting has now OPENED CLOSED! Contest photos have been posted to our Pinterest & Instagram and open for public voting beginning NOW and ending July 31st. The public is invited to vote on their favorite soap. Have a look through the photo’s (noting your favorite) then COME BACK HERE & VOTE!! Our contest this year is based on four (4) design… Read More

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We’re approaching our 18th year with the release of our July/Aug issue, and we want to offer you an anniversary sale deal! We’re giving away 100 discounted subscriptions at 50% off (1, 2, or 3 years). Subscribe at and use the promotion code “ANN50.” OFFER ENDS AUGUST 31, 2016 (or when 100 discounts are redeemed) DON’T… Read More

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“I gave soap (insert any handmade product) to my family and no one will use it. Why don’t they like my products?” Nearly everyone I know makes the same complaint. Why, indeed? Let’s look at some of the reasons they might not like what you make. The product is poorly made or presented. No, it’s… Read More

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I love this magazine it is so incredible for keeping you up to date on current products and information.

Love this publication. Thank you for giving us such quality info!!

I received your soap making magazines not too long ago and wow what an inspiration they were. I can’t wait to get into the shop and try out some new ideas.

What an impressive magazine and what a lot of work you must do to get this out. I used to edit and know!

Coming next issue - Let's talk about... doing business on a shoestring.

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