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Satisfying one’s curiosity begets opportunity; acting upon opportunity opens doors of enlightenment and motivation, which results in creating something truly novel and useful, ultimately uniting a community. This is what happened.

It all started back in 1996 when Kathy Tarbox (the publisher) encountered “essential oils” in an article she read. So intrigued, she took to the information superhighway, where, essentially, she had read a bit about essential oils in soap making, and was inspired by the first internet soap-list. By the end of that year, she started her soap business (Petal Pusher Botanical Soap Co.), and began selling her soap.

She wanted more information, but there was nothing out there that guided independent soapmakers. Thus, The Saponifier was born in July of 1998 to fulfill a niche in the market. The Saponifier is all about sharing the knowledge and experiences of soap makers, toiletry makers, candle makers, chemists and suppliers; topics range from marketing to formulating, organizing to designing, business sense to wholesaling and everything else in-between.

In January of 2016, print copies were introduced along with re-branding of the title to Making Soap, Cosmetics & Candles as our readership has increased to also comprise those who make all manner of cosmetics and candles as well as soap.

The magazine serves both the professional as well as aspiring soap, cosmetic & candle makers. From those just launching a business to veterans, we offer a wealth of information from A to Z.

We spark the imagination and inspire creativity with articles on the latest topics and trends, giving our readers and what they need to know to grow their business and create the products they desire.

Making Soap, Cosmetics & Candles is an independent bimonthly magazine supported by its readers through subscriptions … and loved by thousands around the world.

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